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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tablet-D70 deluxe edition

D70 deluxe edition is one of the features of the 7 inch tablet screen, it can provide comfortable, convenient control, the processor is still strong the A10 volunteers. Now the price of 8 GB599 yuan, and random distribution SONY original headphones.
D70 deluxe edition carrying a 7 inch tablet screen, the resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, and application of advanced G + G hard touch screen technology, can achieve five touch operation, committed to providing more comfortable control experience. And in addition to touch operation besides, this machine is set up and the traditional mechanical buttons touch buttons, a variety of operating mode of the fusion can bring more easily manipulated.

Master in chips, D70 deluxe edition application the current main all the volunteers the A10 nuclear chip, nominal highest 1.5 GHz frequency, and also comes with a 512 MB memory and Mail400 display chip. It currently runs Android2.3 version of the operating system, but ICOO later said the upgrade of the new Android4.0 system. D70 deluxe edition built-in WiFi wireless Internet module, a WiFi hotspot coverage in the local can realize the wireless Internet access, as well as a 3 G card support plugins and even Ethernet for Internet straight. The function, realized the D70 deluxe edition of 2160 P hd video playback all, and to support 3 D video playing and many 3 D game operation. In addition, the machine is equipped with lead 1.3 million pixel camera.

8 inch capacitive touch screen-five D80 deluxe edition
D80 deluxe edition is also recently listed a new model, and its use of eight inches capacitance touch screen, carrying all the volunteers, 512 MB memory A10 chip and double camera before, at the same time, according to ICOO says it will upgrade new Android4.0 system. D80 deluxe edition adopted a 8 inch screen and used to support the five touch G + G capacitive touch screen hard, can bring more comfortable control experience. In chips, it is still carrying all the volunteers mainstream A10 processor, nominal 1.5 GHz highest frequency, and has ManyCORE (all the nuclear) multiplexing technique, provide strong performance. It with 512 MB memory, with Mali400 display chip, operation Android 2.3 version of the operating system, but ICOO said upcoming Android4.0 system.

At the same time, the D80 deluxe edition has double camera, which lead to 300000 pixels, or 2 million pixels. The function, it can support 2160 P hd video playback, and able to play video and 3D run many 3D games, application. This machine built-in WiFi module, Novo 7 ELF and support 3G network adapter and plug-in Ethernet Internet access. Negroponte, the machine nominal to come close to having 10 hours of long use time.

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