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Friday, January 6, 2012

After half a year of birth Google Nexus tablet PC and other computer will have a torturous

Google company will over the next six months, to launch its own tablet computer brand Google Nexus, this brand computer will launch in the first half of 2012 and the other tablet computer in conflict. Google executive chairman Eric schmidt in recent was killed by an Italian media interviews revealed Google company Google Nexus tablet PC roadmap.

A local computer industry more worry about a thing is Google company of Google Nexus two possible to install a 4.1 system, and other computer brands in the first half of 2012 launch of the tablet computer models will run andros 4.0 system, this will cause consumers buy 4.0 system of feeling andros tablet computer some behind The Times psychology.

Asus companies have introduced andros 4.0 tablet computer, macro? The company and lenovo companies will be released early next year with asus company product almost models. News, said the two Android 4.1 system after launch when, two of the system with 4.0 computer will upgrade to andros 4.1 system.

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