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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hd 3D navigation the grace N7T tablet computer GPS navigation

If you will use GPS navigation, I would say that you are fashion trend, but if you are still in the use of traditional 2D map navigation, then I would say that you have OUT....... The grace N7T leading industry to take the lead in the built-in GPS navigation chip, support 3D hd navigation, and has $500 worth of the original 3D way way the map sell (official cost $100). Today I will do once vogue amounts to a person, and share the grace N7TGPS navigation use strategy.

The first step: we use GPS navigation in before we speak to 3D way way the map TF card into the TF card slot in.

The second step: into the UI the interface, point touch "Apk installer", again point touch "installation", browse into the TF card AressNavi packages, installation, called "RTNavi. Apk" way way the program.

Step 3: system set up open GPS, the following points touch "Settings", and then some touch "position and safety", enter the system Settings interface ticker "use GPS satellite"

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