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Thursday, January 5, 2012

In CES 2012 Canonical will show on Ubuntu tablet computer?

Last October, Ubuntu developer Canonical has said publicly that will tap into tablet computer market. "The launch of new Ubuntu 11.10 system has been for partners to provide the Ubuntu core setups for customers in different hardware platform develop their own products. In addition to the PC platform, now also have in the Ubuntu tablet PC version, can support X86 and ARM architecture platform."

Then Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu foundation founder) again in December said in the future will be involved in Ubuntu tablet computer field. Network at present has many Ubuntu in tablet computer running on video, from video to see performance is good. And today Canonical announced that he would in 2012 CES conference of the
unique concept design show Ubuntu, "and at the same time Canonical will be in the CES show us on our was already quite familiar with Ubuntu One cloud storage service related progress." According to speculation the "unique Ubuntu concept design" may well be the Ubuntu tablet computer, this to Ubuntu fans certainly is a good news. But now this is just a guess, from CES 2012 only the time less than a week, and I hope we can bring a surprise Ubuntu.

Finally explained that the pictures from the network. Shuttle is Taiwan's a foundry business, it is not clear whether Ubuntu in tablet field and cooperation.

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