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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's big surprise E this through 1001

E this is the 1001 recently launched a 10.1-inch IPS screen carrying the tablet computer, the aircraft carrying 1.2 G main frequency samsung s5pv21 processing, and configuration 512 M large memory, hardware equilibrium, the machine running smoothly. Recently in order to redeem the general new old customers to the brand of the E flat support, E, the brand to spend the million in the theme of "E life, green health E idea" of large sales promotion activity. Under the 1001 tablet computer the E set limit to 1000 a promotion.

E this the 1001 appearance delicate fashion, carrying a 10.1-inch 1024 x 600 resolution IPS screen, no matter visible Angle, response speed, dynamic and static clarity or color reduction degree, at present the highest level in the LCD panel.
The tool made of alloy material to ease up a ChaoQingLiang the body weight, so that the 10.1 inch so big norms of the weight of the plate is only 720 g, more light than iPad about 15%, and the 12.5 mm thick, thin about 10% more than the iPad, and popular in the design, carry more easily.

E this the the contents of 1.2 G + 512 M + SDK2.0 is the memory the A8 / A9 in the framework of the combination of the fastest operation. DDR double the capacity of not only to the whole operation speed is to multiply, more make multitasking ability increased greatly. Advanced SDK2.0 for the whole operation speed up again, make each and every step of the operation and operation of all such as fly saint.

The 1001 video broadcast the E powerful, and support 1080 P hd decoding, also support Flash 10 application, such not only can meet the user play a variety of local video format, and at the same time also can download video broadcast the client or direct online watch video, 10.1 inch screen for IMAX cinema as palm.
E this is set above the 1001 airframe is a 200 W pixels higher photographic camera, can meet user daily camera taking pictures, video, video chat or networking meeting and other needs. The built-in when 3800 ma battery. It can provide the longest run 5 hours.

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