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Monday, January 2, 2012

Support Android tablet of firefox has been updated to the Beta version

The latest Android vrsion of Firefox Beta is now available for download and test, the Beta version is released Firefox first support Android tablet PC Beta version, that is, support Android tablet the official version of Firefox mobile browser will soon came out. The Beta provided on the tablet computer in the new optimization experience, where mobile browsing more directly, and also provide new tools for developers to help them create more interactive mobile Internet experience.

First of all, led us to look at the latest small make up Android version of Firefox Beta for the user to provide new characteristics:

1, the new appearance: the latest Firefox Beta for tablet computer provides new experience, increase the size of the screen, let the mobile Internet browsing more convenient and direct. In addition, in the Firefox browser on the desktop is very popular tabs, intelligent address screen, and many other character also aimed at the corresponding tablet computer optimization.

2, full screen, vertical display browsing: Firefox Beta use tablet computer large screen advantage, in full screen allows the user to the web, even in vertical display modes can also very good full-screen. Tag page is placed on top of the left of the menu, do not need can easily hidden.

3, optimize the tag page shows: in Firefox Beta, tag page on the left side panels, showed a thumb size, users can browse through the right of the entire page at the same time, in the tag page easy to switch. And can be left to hide worried tags for full screen view.

4, new activities bar contains a rapid access to button: in this Beta version, the user can through the new activities bar menu (in intelligent next to the address bar) directly into Firefox options, expansion, download, and so on. Activities column added back, forward and bookmark buttons for everyone to use.

In addition, the latest Android version of Firefox Beta also providing developers with the two new functions:

1, according to the input of the camera access meta tags: developers can create allows the use of Android mobile phones or tablet on the mobile web sites and applications camera to take pictures, scanning planar bar code and more operation, and the whole operation process can not leave Firefox.

2 meta, Form Validation: API Firefox Beta meta support Form Validation API, can automatically test site Form, such as digital, E-mail, URL, etc, and does not require developers to write code or use corresponding third party support, easy to use.

Let's look forward to Firefox in the official version of Android tablet on the browser released!

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