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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ainol NOVO8: the blues W10, wash your sleep, the stage

The same A9 core, the blues W10 is 7 "800 x480 screen single point of resistance, Ainol NOVO8 is 1280 x768 8" five capacitance screen, the blues W10 cost $999, Ainol NOVO8 price is 998 yuan, ha ha, the blues are the wash your sleep W10. Of course, this title is small, not the Ainol said, after a small make up the price of Ainol speculation NOVO8 for 1299 yuan, for the 1280 x768 screen 8 "too ahead, or even five capacitance touch. But in the afternoon Ainol blog published price is very breathtaking, wrong should be said shocked, the 8 GB version 998 yuan, the price low to let people do not believe, but not through the Ainol official media channels announced, although the basic are correct, but did not get the final confirmation, everyone still holding a fun mentality to wait, NOVO8 time to market the middle of this month. At the same time, Ainol also held in trial activities at half price. Honestly, i released a news for you, the Ainol Novo 7 elf is also the 7 series classic product.

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