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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

QSFP+ to CX4 Active Optical cables feature

SFPDA is similar in concept QSFP to CX4 but provides a bit more flexibility. Normally, you may have a switch or NIC that is designed to be able to support the addition of SFP based optics modules for a 10GbE fiber connection. Direct Attach allows for passive Twin-Axial (2 pair copper) cables to be plugged directly into the SFP+ cage (in place of an optical module) to carry the serial signal from the MAC directly over the cable to another SFP+ form factor enabled NIC or switch.QSFP to CX4 connectors provide four channels of data in one pluggable interface. Each channel is capable of transferring data at 10Gb/s and supports a total of 40Gb/s as specified for QSFP+. These interconnects have three times the density of SFP+ interconnects. The QSFP to CX4 family includes ages in single and ganged configurations with various heat sink and lightpipe options. The connector s a 38 position high-speed SMT connector, and EMI plugs are offered for empty ports.

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