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Monday, July 22, 2013

has in the Fibre Channel 10GB HBA marketplace

An alarm bell might ring with some of you thinking about your cabling passing through a switch? Fear not. Being passive pass through, the Plexxi Switch’s LightRail still functions when a device turns off or fails. You still can pass traffic through a device that is offline. With 24 fiber cores per link per switch, you many and varied number of paths to move data affinities around to isolate a switch to be replaced. With 10GB HBA fibres as mentioned in the Network Field Day 5 presentation, they are broken into a 12 east, 12 west layout. That is around 240Gb per switch and when you look at a 10 to 11 Plexxi switches in a ring you will be looking at 2.64Tb forwarding capacity! The iSCSI and FCoE versions of the adapter available today have a higher price than the basic 10Gb adapter. For those who decide they want either iSCSI or FCoE in the future, an upgrade to iSCSI or FCoE from the basic 10Gb model will be available for an additional charge.

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