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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I suspect SFF-8088 cable breakout cables would suffer

After initial testing, the enclosure was easily sealed back up with the thumb screws (can't recommend these enough!). Note the large fans to dissipate the heat (I recommend as many fans as you can fit in your enclosure to prolong hard drive life). The SFF-8088 cable is plugged in. Above that are a pair old eSata connections that are no longer used.Tripp Lite’s S524-01M External SAS cable features SFF-8088 cable connectors with heavy- duty metal backshells. This 4-channel Infiniband cable is constructed with high-performance Amphenol Spectra-Strip SKEWCLEAR cable which features individually shielded parallel pairs double EMI/RFI shielding and 3.0 Gigabytes per second performance. Tripp Lite Lifetime warranty.Primary InformationStorage Cable Type Serial attached SCSI (SAS) external cable Cable Technology Double shielded Dimensions&MiscellaneousLength 3.281 feet Color Black Storage CableLeft Connector Before the popularity of SAS Expanders, people had to use SFF-8088 cable adapters to convert unused internal ports into external ports. This is still common for SATA controllers, or SAS controllers that are not being used with a SAS Expander setup.

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