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Thursday, February 20, 2014

QSFP+ AOC cable upgrades as bandwidth increases

Featuring four bi-directional optical data links per end, each operating at data rates from 1.0 to 14.0 Gbps, Fourteen Data Rate (FDR) AOC cables from Molex are compatible with multiple protocols including InfiniBand FDR, 10Gb Ethernet, SAS 2.0 and 3.0 (6 and 12 Gbps), Fibre Channel (8 and 10 Gbps). A low Bit Error Rate of 10e-18 errors provides increased data reliability and a robust link compared to standard transceivers with 10e-15 errors per link. The cables are also available in a low loss pigtail version, which allows customers to install the singlemode fiber separately and connect to the pigtail version to avoid constant high-cost cable upgrades as bandwidth increases.
The QSFP+ AOC cables from Molex are available in lengths up to 4 km (2.49 miles) for optimal design flexibility. The singlemode fiber technology provides a longer reach than copper and multimode fiber solutions in data center and campus environments. The SFP-H10GB-​CU1M – Compatible Cisco SFP+ cable, SFP+ DAC Twinax cable 1 Meter firmware is field flashable via a I2C bus so cables can be reflashed while in the host system.Amphenol, the world's second largest interconnect manufacturer, formally announced the expansion of its high-speed 10-Gigabit and 40-Gigabit product portfolio to now include Active Optical Cable (AOC) assemblies from 3M. This powerful new optical QSFP+ AOC series, precision-engineered by 3M Interconnect Solutions, have been made available online through Amphenol’s Cables on Demand division.

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