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Friday, September 6, 2013

using the Mini SAS plugs that to SATA cables

I really consider buying this server, but hasn't found any proper review before now. Is it possible to use regular consumer SATA drives in this box, or is HP LFF the only one that fits? It's hard to tell with the tiny depth of field in the image. And which chipset is used? I found a page claiming the NB to be AMD 785E, but I haven't been able to figure out the SB. I guess it is either SB700 or SB710. Or maybe the server-series (SP5100)? Is the mini-SAS plug driven by the SB or an additional controller? Would you say the airflow through the hard drive bay is sufficient? I think the drives seems pretty tightly stacked, or am I wrong? Just one character within the SAS information concept

The 3805 is actually an SAS controller, using the Mini SAS SFF-8087 plugs that handle four drives each. On the web site the specification says that the board comes with a pair of mini-SAS to SATA cables, but there were no such cables in my box. Turns out I had ordered the OEM version of the board (the only one available), and it had no cables in it - which makes sense, its an OEM board, the OEM is always going to want to do something unique with the per controller board.Fine, I'll order my own cables. But NOBODY has stock on mini-SAS cables. I flip out at the supplier, and he calls Adaptec, and they offer to give me a pair of cables for free (which was mighty nice of them), if I'll pay the shipping. Totally worth it, I had ordered the wrong product and they were willing to fix it. A FedEx overnight shipment later, I had cables.

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